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Brandon Thompson (205) LODD
Brandon Kenyon Thompson was born on May 2, 1980 in Mobile, Alabama. Brandon was the son of Frank Thompson and Diane White. Brandon moved
to South Carolina in 1984. Brandon would start his fire service career at the age of 14 by joining the Pine Ridge Fire Department Juniors program
. He joined the fire service because of his two older brothers. Brandon’s first paid firefighter job was with the town of Summerville Fire
Department and later went to Charleston Fire Department. Brandon was assigned to Engine 10 located in Burns Downs area of West Ashley.
On June 18th of 2007 Brandon Thompson responded to the Sofa Super Store fire on Ladder 5 with his friend and fellow Volunteer Firefighter
Michael French. Brandon along with eight others perished in the fire after the building collapsed. Brandon leaves behind his mother Diane White,
Father Frank Thompson and Stephanie Thompson, Brothers, Frank Thompson Jr. a Deputy with Dorchester County Sheriff’s office and Jeffery
Thompson Deputy Chief of Pine Ridge Fire Department, Fiance, Rachel Sheridan.
Michael French (206) LODD
Michael Jonathon Alan French, known to his friends and co-worker as “Frenchie” was born on February 14th, 1980. Michael was the son
of Michael Moore Gragg and Diane Tarrance French. Michael began his fire service career at the age of 14, with the Moncks Corner
Rural Fire Dept. Michael’s first paid firefighter job was with the Old Fort Fire Department, he worked for two other fire departments
before being appointed as a firefighter for the City of Charleston. Michael attained the rank of Assistant Engineer and was stationed at
Engine 16, west of the Ashley. On June 18th, 2007, Michael was the driver for Ladder 5 and his friend and fellow Volunteer Brandon Thompson was
on board as well. He was killed along with eight other Charleston firefighters at the Sofa Super Store fire. Michael had served with the Pine Ridge Fire
Department as captain of the New Hope station. He left behind his wife, Donna Windham, his daughter Kyla French, his son Aidan French, his
mother Diane French and two sisters Brandi Clark and Jean Dangerfield.
Jeffery Thompson (Deputy Chief PRFD)
Jonathan Kennedy (NCFD Honorary)
Jonathan was born April 21, 1983 in Charleston, SC, son of Capt. Curtis Gerald Kennedy, NCFD and Paula Smith Kennedy. To Jonathan it wasn’t just a job it was a passion. He loved the trucks, the equipment, and the adventure. there was never a day that Jonathan did not have a smile on his face. And you can believe he was where ever the action was, from the fire station to the Christmas parades. If you wanted to know who someone was all you had to do is ask Jonathan. Everywhere he went he would have at least three radios monitoring the surrounding area. When it came to the scene He would be able to tell you who was who and what their job was. Jonathan was the perfect firefighter the only thing that stopped him from joining was his birth defect of Crouzon Syndrome. But as you see he showed everyone that if you put your mind to it that it can be conquered. His parents where told that he would live past the age of 5. Well Jonathan surpassed that age limit by 26 years. He would jump on the crews if there was any dirt or mess on either the trucks or in the department. In 2011, Jonathan Kennedy Became a Honorary Firefighter for Pine Ridge Fire Department. There was never a dull moment with Jonathan around. Jonathan is survived his father Capt. Gerald Kennedy and Mother Paula Kennedy, Aunts and Uncles, and several cousins.

Chris Ruggles

Richard Moss (Board of Director) PRFD