5 PRFD E22
Engine 22 is the first out apparatus from the Brandon Thompson Station on all motor vehicle accidents and vehicle fires; and is the second due truck for structure fires in the Brandon Thompson district. It is a 2010 KME Predator rescue pumper with seating for 6. It carries 750 gallons of water, 15 gallons of class “A” foam, and has a 2000 gpm Waterous pump. Two 200ft 1¾” attack lines and a 200ft 2½” attack line are the speed lays this engine is equipped with. A 100ft 1¾” front jump line is carried for car fires and a 400 ft 2½” line is carried for a blitz attack, or defensive operations. For supply line 1200′ of 5″ is carried in the hose bed that sits between coffin compartments that extend the full length of the truck body. A full assortment of ground ladders, hand tools, and rescue saws are carried on Engine 22. An Amkus hydraulic power unit is carried to supply Amkus hydraulic rescue tools through two 100ft retractable hydraulic hose reels. Tools carried include cutters, spreaders, and several different extension rams. An Ajax air tool is also carried for sheet metal cutting. An onboard compressor supplies the 100ft air hose reel and storage tanks on board. A complete set of high pressure lifting air bags is also on board, in the event that a patient is stuck or pinned under an object. Among other miscellaneous extrication equipment, a full set of Rescue 42 struts and jack is carried on board. These struts can be used to lift vehicles, stabilize vehicles, and light structural support. Also, a tripod can be erected with these struts for confined space rescue. Engine 22 is outfitted to handle most emergency calls we encounter, including medical calls with its basic life support capabilities.
 6 PRFD E23
Engine 23 is the first out engine from the Brandon Thompson Station on all structural and wildland fires. It also responds to numerous mutual aid fires and is second due to the New Hope district. It is a 2000 Pierce Contender with seating for 6, which carries 1000 gallons of water. With its 1250 gpm Waterous pump it is more than capable of supplying enough water to its two 200ft 1¾” initial attack lines. This truck also carries 100ft of 1¾” in the front bumper as a jump line for non-interior firefighting. In addition to these lines, 400ft of 2½” blitz line is carried for times when large amounts of water are needed immediately, or there are defensive operations on scene. Also, 1200ft of 5″ supply line is carried to establish a water supply. This truck carries a full assortment of forcible entry tools, chainsaw, vent saw, K-12 saw, and hand tools. Along with the rest of the equipment, a thermal imaging camera is carried to help with search operations. A full RIT pack is carried to ensure the safety of all firefighters on scene, along with a 4 gas air monitor to make sure the air quality is safe. A full assortment of ground ladders and first responder medical equipment is also carried on the engine.
 7 PRFD E24
Engine 24 is a 2004 KME Predator rescue pumper with seating for six. It carries 1000 gallons of water and has a 1500 gpm Waterous pump. This apparatus responds to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, wildland fires, and any other non- first response emergency call from the Michael French Station. This engine is setup with a 100ft, 200ft, and a 300ft 1¾” attack lines. Also, for vegetation fires a 250ft booster reel is available. For defensive operations, 400 ft of 2½” pre-connected line with fog nozzle is available. Supply line 1200′ of 5″ in the hose bed. This engine is specifically set up for drafting operations, with a 14′ squirrel tail of hard suction pre-connected for quick deployment. A 6″ front intake is piped for easy access to dry hydrants. A full assortment of ground ladder, hand tools, and rescue saws are also carried. In the event of an entrapment, Amkus hydraulic cutters, spreaders, and several different size rams are powered through two 100ft hydraulic hose reels by an Amkus power unit. A full assortment of cribbing and complete set of Rescue 42 struts and jack are more than capable of stabilizing any vehicle we respond to. Four high pressure lifting air bags are onboard in the event, that heavy lifting needs to be done. Other items such as a thermal imager, Basic life support medical equipment, and four gas air monitor are also found on this engine.
 8 PRFD T26
Tanker 26 is a 2004 KME body built sitting on a 7400 International chassis. With seating for three, this apparatus responds from the Michael French station to supply water wherever needed. It is second due to all structural fires in the non-hydranted areas of the Michael French district. Also, with its 2300 gallons of water, 1000 gpm Waterous pump, and 2500 gallon dump tank, this apparatus is often called to assist neighboring departments for water supply. This apparatus is also more than capable of handling most house fires, with two 200ft 1¾” attack lines and 400ft 2½” blitz line.
 10 PRFD SQ27
Squad 27 is a brush/rescue Pierce body mounted on a 1999 Chevrolet 3500 HD chassis equipped with 300gal of water and pump capable of 150 GPM. Pre-connected 1¾” handline and rear bumper mounted hose reel are ready to fight out of control brush and woods fires that may be endangering structures. Water can be supplied to this truck with the 400′ of 3″ supply hose. A WARN winch is mounted in the front bumper for use when needed. This Squad’s primary assignment is to first respond to medical calls out of the Brandon Thompson station in its first due area. A limited amount of hand tools can also be found on this unit along with a full assortment of basic first responder medical equipment and patient packaging equipment.

Rescue 28 is a medium duty rescue truck with an S&S body built on a Ford chassis. This apparatus can carry two persons up front and another 4 persons in the walk in body. It is second due to all motor vehicle accidents with a set of Amkus cutters and spreaders on board and a winch mounted in the front bumper for vehicle stabilization. A 15kw generator provides power to the 4 body mounted scene lights and has two electrical cord reels. The generator also powers on board accessories including a refrigerator to cool drinks and cold packs for rehab on extended hot weather calls. Multiple level “B” splash suits are carried on board, along with hazmat gloves and boots. Hazardous material containment booms and matting are also carried with a 4 gas air monitor. A full assortment of medical supplies, such as oxygen, c-spine packages, and an AED are carried for use when needed. Numerous hand tools and pike poles are carried for structure fires, which this apparatus if third due to in the Brandon Thompson district. Also, a bank of four 6000 psi air cylinders are carried to refill SCBA cylinders, and 12 spare SCBA cylinders are carried for use during prolonged incidents. This unit also provides a place for rehab in extreme temperatures with its temperature controlled walk in body.
 12 PRFD R2
Ranger 2 is a 2009 Polaris Ranger 6X6 equipped with a wildland skid unit capable of hauling 75gal of water and 5gal of class “A” foam. A 100′ ¾” hose reel mounted on the skid unit is plenty capable of fighting out of control brush and woods fires. The ATV is also capable of removing and transporting injured persons out of rough terrain with the front mounted winch and its mounting area for backboards and Stokes basket.
Battalion 2 is a 2008 Ford F-250 4X4 extended cab that is equipped with a 9000lb WARN winch on the front grill guard. Its also outfitted with a camper top that protects a slide out command tray. The command pull out is mounted with dry erase command boards, 2 VHF radios, an SCBA, pop up canopy, bank charger for handheld radios, combo printer, fax, copier, and basic forcible entry tools. Battalion 2 is operated 24 hours a day by the on duty officer. The on duty officer ensures that calls in the response area are answered by the appropriate apparatus and personnel. This truck also has basic first responder medical equipment including backboard and packaging equipment.
 3 PRFD C202
Car 202 is a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500HD 4X4 that is assigned to and operated by the Deputy Fire Chief.
1987 KME Aerial Cat four section 95′ Ladder truck assigned to the Brandon Thompson Station that responds to all commercial fires and alarms. the ladder truck is equipped with, 1500 GPM Dual Stage Waterous Pump, with a Tank Capacity of 150 Gallons, (2) 1 ¾” Pre-connected Attack lines 200’ each, 800’ of 5” Supply Hose, 123 Feet of Ground Ladders to Include;, 35’ 2 section Extension Ladder, 28’ 2 section Extension Ladder, 14’ Extension Ladder, A 20’ and 16’ Roof Ladder, 10’ Attic Ladder
 4 PRFD C203
2011 Chevrolet Tahoe is used as an administration vehicle for station duties as well as call response.
 2 PRFD C201
2013 Chevrolet Tahoe 4X4 is issued and operated by the Fire Chief.